SC operability

Instant availability

18.08.2014 According to GLONASS System Control Center between 13:00 on 18 August 2014 and 01:00 on 19 August 2014 activities aimed at updating GLONASS Time
- UTC(SU) offset broadcast by GLONASS satellites have been scheduled to ensure higher accuracy of UTC(SU) transfer to users. Updating GLONASS Time - UTC(SU) offset will be carried out as each satellite will be passing over the ground control stations in the Russian Federation territory.
Depending on GLONASS time offset updating logics implemented in user equipment, receivers therefore may experience UTC(SU) synchronization-related problems during the time period specified above.

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GLONASS constellation status, 21.08.2014

Total satellites in constellation 28 SC
Operational 24 SC
In commissioning phase -
In maintenance -
Under check by the Satellite Prime Contractor 1 SC
Spares 2 SC
In flight tests phase 1 SC

Evaluation of GNSS characteristics
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